Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Discussing SF

Is it frivolous to post about science fiction given the present state of the world?

No. It is possible to appreciate fiction while addressing the state of the world which unfortunately will probably be bad for a long time yet.

Is sf escapist?

Some is. However, some other works of sf address serious issues, e.g., see:

Serious Issues
Issues In Mirkheim;
War, Wells And Anderson;
Cold War SF
Thermonuclear Warfare And James Blish
Fiction And Non-Fiction
Church And State
"The Old And Protean Enemy"
Future Politics
The Wardens' And Rangers' Time War II
The Sensitive Man 
What We Expect
Remember Wells
Synthesis And Sensitivity
More Background Details
Some References In "The Sensitive Man"
A Note On Draka And Psychotechnic Politics
Comments On A Debate About The Future
The History Of The Science Of Society
A Debate About The Future
Flandry's Theoretical Understanding


  1. In my current work, an alternate history diverging from ours in 1912, it's 1916 -- and someone notes that nobody had expected this sort of war, except H.G. Wells, whose "War in the Air" is starting to look horribly prophetic... 8-).

    1. Dear Mr. Stirling,

      And WHAT went wrong in 1914, for the accursed assassination in Sarajevo to have caused a chain reaction of events leading to the War of Western
      Suicide? After all, none of the Great Powers at that time really WANTED a war!

      But, somehow it still happened! I'm reminded of how you had the Shadowspawn of your A TAINT IN THE BLOOD books infiltrating the gov'ts of the great powers with agents who would manipulate events so that WW I would break out. Not that I really think that actually happened!